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Moth to a Flame

Candle-maker Larry Kinsella opened Moth to a Flame in 1999 in Bennetsbridge. At that time there were seven craft studios in or near the village. Larry felt that the quality of their work set a standard that his output needed to match to guarantee acceptance and ongoing success. The same spur comes with membership of MADE in Kilkenny - in particular the requirement and the chance to design and make new work for the group shows and exhibitions. The development of the high-melt wax lantern range from plain globe, to finishes weathered by ice and chilled water, was inspired and driven by the freedom of expression and deadline demand that an empty, waiting exhibition plinth gives.

Where: Kilkenny Road, Bennetsbridge, Co. Kilkenny
Phone: 056 7727826 / 087 2897306

Cloud Globe candle designed & created by Moth to a Flame
Gloworm candles designed & created by Moth to a Flame
 Stone and Pebble candles designed & created by Moth to a Flame